About Rohanna


Hello my name is Rohanna. I came to Pilates as a dancer having trained at the London Contemporary Dance School. After graduating I was lucky enough to work as a dancer:  performing, teaching and making choreography. In 2011 I had my first child and began to think about how I could work at the same time as being a mother. Pilates was an obvious choice as I could channel my passion and interest in movement and the body into something which better suits family life. Personally I have learnt so much from Pilates. As a dancer I suffered from various injuries and back pain. I am now pain free and and in many ways stronger and more flexible then I ever was as a dancer.


2012StottMatwork – Level 3
2012CYQTeaching Pilates – Level 3 Diploma
2013StottWorkshop in Shoulder, Girdle and Lumbo Pelvic Stability
2014StottWorkshops on Pre and Post-Natal Pilates
2016Body ControlReformer 1 Qualification – Basics to Intermediate
2016Cobham PilatesAn Introduction to Lower Back Pain – Workshop with Kate Fry
2017Body ControlBone Health – Level 3 Qualification
2017First Aid – Level 2
2018Cobham PilatesCadillac Course – with Lisa Bradshaw
2018-2019Body ControlBody Control, Movement, Adaptations and Precision of Movement – Level 4 Courses
2019Cobham PilatesHigh Intensity Power Pilates (HIPP) on the Reformer – with Lisa Bradshaw
2019Body ControlPilates for Older People