Ts and Cs

 Terms and conditions for private tuition:

The following terms and conditions are to enable you and I to work together respectfully and transparently.  If there is anything that you would like to discuss about these terms and conditions please feel free to contact me at any time.

Cancellations, lateness and notice period.

  1. I uphold a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you cancel within 24 hours of the start time of your session you will be charged the full amount for the session.  This policy is here to create fairness to all clients and for me to be able to offer the level of service that you require.  If I need to cancel a session within 24 hours then I will offer you a session free of charge to compensate.
  1. Please ensure you are punctual for your session.  If you are running late contact me as soon as possible so I can then work out our session plan accordingly.  If you are less then 30 minutes late I am happy to continue the remainder of the session, anything more then this will be taken as a late cancellation.
  1. If you are no longer able to continue with our sessions, please give me one months notice.  This is especially if you are coming on a regular basis and pay for sessions in a block.
  1. Payment will be required at the beginning of the block and is non refundable.  Paying for a block of sessions means I can set aside a regular time that suits you and therefore not offer it to anyone else.
  1. If you have signed up to a block of 5 sessions this needs to be used within an 8 week period.  This enables me to offer you a continuous available slot and you will find that you will benefit more from the work by coming regularly

Terms and conditions for classes:

  1. There are two payment options for the classes: block booking or pay as you go.
  1. Block booking is for 6 weeks unless stated otherwise and is non refundable.
  1. If a block booking is made and a session is missed it can be made up on a different day, but must be caught up within the same block.  ‘Make up’ classes can not occur beyond the current block.  Please see the class timetable for days and times
  1. It is not an option to pay for the number of classes you know you can attend.
  1. Payment for the block must be made before or on the first session.
  1. With pay as you go simply pay for your session on arrival.