Rohanna really understands and listens to your specific needs.She will give advise on exercises to suit the individual and to gain the most benefit from the Pilates class. I highly recommend Rohanna and her classes.


Rohanna’s pilates sessions are great for all ages. Apart from a floor mat no other equipment is needed and we all turn up in general sporting clothes. The lessons are a good way to improve your flexibility and posture. All in all a beneficial and fun time is provided.


I spend over 12 hours a week on a bike and pilates is invaluable in terms of both recovery and strength and conditioning.


My husband and I have been attending Rohanna’s classes since March 2017 and we find that they are both varied and engaging. A lot of Pilates classes can be very repetitive and unimaginative which makes it difficult to find the motivation to attend! Rohanna brings lots of encouragement and good humour which makes the classes enjoyable.


After 25 years of playing various sports with a casual approach to stretching I had numerous aches and pains. Within 6 months of taking Rohanna’s Pilates classes I was pretty much pain free. The classes are relaxed and fun and I’d happily recommend them to anyone.


I can strongly recommend Rohanna’s Pilates Class- she is an excellent teacher delivering sessions in a friendly, encouraging manner and providing individual feedback and attention.


Classes have a friendly atmosphere and numbers are limited. They are always encouraging, varied, sometimes challenging but I feel confident in Rohanna as she observes carefully and tailors movement to help with individual injury, posture or joint condition when necessary. Whilst attending classes my walking and flexibility have improved.


We all know Pilates is good for us, but you need the discipline to stick at it month after month to see the benefit and it can get pretty boring. By delivering entertaining lessons, Rohanna makes it less tempting to skip classes so you get the benefits while enjoying yourself!